Power efficiency test: engineers often face three difficult problems

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The power industry has the most important parameters:

During the design and commissioning of the power supply prototyping board, engineers can improve the efficiency of the power supply by accurately evaluating the power and efficiency, accurately locating the main power loss point, replacing the device, or changing the topology.

However, during the commissioning phase, engineers often face three difficult problems:

*The testof the input power quality

Since the input voltage and current waveforms are not exactly the same, the prototype test requires testing the input power quality.

In the power supply design commissioning phase need to use the oscilloscope for signal capture analysis, how can improve the use of oscilloscope and voltage and current probe to improve the test accuracy and stability?


Active component measurement: switching devices

The transistor switching circuit typically consumes the energy during the conversion process because the circuit parasitic signal prevents the device from switching immediately. "Closing loss" refers to the energy that is lost when the switching device is switched from ON to OFF, and "start loss" refers to the energy that is lost when the switching device is switched from OFF to ON.


Passive component measurement: magnetic components

Passive components are components that do not amplify signals or switch signals. The power supply uses a full range of passive components, such as resistors and capacitors, but from the measurement point of view, the main focus should be on magnetic components (magnetic devices), especially inductors and transformers. Inductors and transformers are made of iron balls wrapped around a few turns outside the copper wire. The impedance of the inductor will increase with the frequency increase, the higher frequency of the blocking effect is higher than the lower frequency, so suitable for filtering the power input and output current. Help to determine the power performance of some of the indicators.


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