open frame DC/DC 6W 8:1 input

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TOPPOWER has developed the new part in 6 Watt DC/DC converter in a SIP7 package (22×14x8mm). 

TP06DE series is 6W, 8:1 wide input range,efficiency up to 87%, 1500VDC isolated voltage , at operating temperature -40℃ to+85℃,With input undervoltage protection, output overcurrent, short circuit protection, widely used in communications, medical, industrial control, power, instrumentation ,etc.

The new type can be used in environments from -40°C to +105°C and is currently available with super wide input voltage  9-75V , Output voltage:3.3V,5V,  12V, 15V, 24V.

Series No.: TP06DE

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1-tp06DE SIP6W DC-DC 9-75Vin

 Notes1. Do not meet the conditions for full load start when input @9-10VDC only Can start at full load when voltage above 11V.

2. When the working temperature  30 , the maximum   output power can be 10W for a long time.

3.It is necessary to add A voltage-stabilizing diode 5.1V / 0.5W between –Vin pin and CTR pin,See the application circuit for details.

Super wide input range8:1


Low Ripple &Noise

1500VDC isolated voltage

High efficiency, high power density

Output over-load,short circuit protection

Operating temperature -40 to+85

Regulated parts

RoHS compliant


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