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Precautions of DC/DC Power conversion options

Several commonly used design methods program of three kinds of circuit modes :DC/DC power conversion regulator regulator, linear (analog) regulator, DC/DC switching regulator① It should be noted that the regulator circuit can not be used to make power supply, can only be used for chip power supply requirements;②the circuit structure of linear regulator circuit is simple, but because of low conversion efficiency, it can only be used for low-power power supply③ switch-mode regulator circuit, high conversion efficiency, can be used in high-power applications, but its limitations in the circuit structure is relatively complex (especially high-power circuits), is not conducive to miniaturizationTherefore, , we should choose the right design according to the actual in the design process.any questions, please contact TOPPOWER team: sales2@gztoppower.comTOPPOWERisaleadingmanufacturerofpowerconverters:0.1W-40WDC/DCconverters &3W-30WAC/DCconverters.TOPPOWERisanISOcertifiedFactory.TOPPOWERquality:CEROSHcompliantOurproductsarewidelyusedinPowerSystem,Telecom,Instrumentations&Measurement,AutomotiveElectronics,Medical,Militaryindustries.