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New breakthrough in industrial system cooling

New breakthrough in industrial system cooling:

Integration of data and power isolation

With the continuous expansion of industrial application requirements, such as plant automation and grid infrastructure, 

in order to meet these needs, the system must have more diverse features. 

At the same time, the power management system also put forward higher requirements, not only to ensure that the best performance of various circuits, but also to avoid equipment temperature rise.

The use of isolators to protect the low side of the system from the high side of the impact. 

Data isolators can easily achieve signal isolation. But only isolated data is not enough, the power supply also need isolation. 

In some cases, two isolated power supplies can be used directly on the primary side and secondary side of the isolator. But there are some cases where there may be no secondary power.

 In this case, it is necessary to generate isolated secondary power from the primary power supply.                                               

Use discrete devices to build solutions for isolated power supplies A converter driven by a primary power supply generates a push-pull signal to drive the primary winding of the isolation transformer.

 The converter generates the desired secondary voltage according to the turns ratio. 

The rectifier diode behind the transformer helps to rectify the rear regulator to help smooth the ripple. 

If the output of the rectifier is good enough for system performance, it can even remove the regulator.

The solution provides excellent power transfer efficiency through external transformers, 

but the use of multiple devices increases system cost and board space.

 If the system uses multiple isolators, you need to copy the discrete circuits to match the number of isolators, but this increases the system cost and board space.A single-chip solution that provides isolation signals and power supplies can solve these problems. 

For use with ISOW7841 analog-to-digital converter sensing applications for isolated power and serial peripheral interfaces One question that may be of concern is whether such integration could lead to increased device and system temperatures, resulting in system failure. 

Compared with other integrated solutions, ISOW7841 with integrated power supply to enhance the efficiency of the isolator increased by 80%, as shown below picture.

Efficient power transmission helps to provide more power for the output while maintaining low temperatures, providing additional power for driving other devices. 

Higher efficiency also helps to make multiple channels together and not overheat. Comparison of the Efficiency of ISOW7841 with Competitive Solutions