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Power Measurement Tips

Power Measurement Tips:Component Selection and Characteristic AnalysisIn any power supply design, the first step to select components. Good power supply design is inseparable from the power components and control chip. Considering all the options, choosing the right power components for the optimal design can be a bit cumbersome. Narrow the range, find the appropriate components is very cumbersome. The manufacturer's product technical information provides first-hand information about the functionality of the component, but does not guarantee optimal operation in a given design. Before locking the design, it is necessary to analyze the characteristics of the selected components in a particular application, which can save time and reduce the problem. Some key power components, such as MOSFETs and IGBTs, should be selected according to key parameters such as rated voltage and current, start-up time and turn-off time, input and output capacitors, open-point resistance and closed-state characteristics. One of the most important details of the manufacturer's product technical information may be a safe operating area (SOA) diagram.The problem is that most of the SOA diagrams provided by the manufacturer do not provide a complete picture because these graphs are only valid at 25 ° C.Only based on these data will bring significant risks to the implementation and design, especially the heat design. It is necessary to analyze the characteristics of the components in the actual environment in which the power components are rarely kept under the ideal ambient temperature. The design of this stage is not prototype, it is difficult to simulate the expected current and voltageThe best way to solve this problem is to use a source measurement unit that can drive tens of amperes of current to produce a measurable voltage. This helps to get the actual I-V features for the application. You can use the same device to measure small differences in the characteristics of the open point, such as gate threshold voltage, gain, and open point resistance. Likewise, for low current closed state measurements, such as leakage current, the instrument can be used to provide high voltage to generate measurable currents. For the breakdown voltage, make sure that the voltage supplied is several times the device operating voltage in order to measure the breakdown voltage.When measuring the device capacitance relative to the voltage relationship on a simple two-terminal device or a more complex three-four-terminal transistor, be sure to use a capacitive measurement system that can test the full range of device DC operating voltage. *above information only for your reference.More Technical tips,please contact sales2@gztoppower.comSelect Toppower, Select High quality power supply module,Learn more about Toppower power supply module,please view: is a leading manufacturer of power converters module:0.1W-40W DC/DC converter & 3W-30W AC/DC converters.