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DIP6 pins 40W ,50W isolated DC/DC (50.8X25.4)

DIP 6 pins 40W ,50W isolated DC/DC (50.8X25.4)

The rated output power of TP40DC/TP50DC converters is 40W,50W,the outline dimensions is "50.8*25.4*12.7", 2:1 ,4:1 input voltage range,the voltage range is 9-18V,18V-36V,36V-72V, 9V-36V18V-75V.The accuracy of the converter can reach ±1%,it can be widely used in telecommunications,railway transportation, Auto industrial, instrument and etc.

Long-term short circuit protection, Automatic recovery


Input Voltage 9-18VDC ,start-up voltage is 9.5-18VDC; input voltage 9-36VDC,start-up voltage 9.5-36VDC.

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