what is powered converter modules

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Type of powered converter modules

DC-DC converters

AC-DC converters

AC-AC converters

DC-AC converters

As a power conversion device for the electronics industry, powered converter modules are widely used in various industrial automation industries. The power module is based on switching power supply technology and is made of high quality raw materials combined with a special modular production process. It has the advantages of modular design, moisture resistance, vibration resistance, good consistency, simple application and high reliability.


With the rapid development of science and technology, the requirements for power supply reliability, capacity and volume are getting higher and higher, and the powered converter modules is increasingly showing its superiority. With its high operating frequency, small size, high reliability, easy installation and expansion. The advantages and applications are also more and more extensive.


From the overall role of the power module, the power converter module can be classified as a power source in a broad sense, because it is ultimately used for power supply. Power can also be divided into two categories, one for autonomous power generation and another for power converters.


For industrial design applications, the role of the power supply is irreplaceable. The stability of the power supply greatly determines the overall stability of the product. The size and weight specifications of the power supply also greatly determine the design of the PCB. This is why A good powered converter module is the cause of the power supply.

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